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Birds by Month

We are working on updating the image galleries, starting with Bird by Type.
We invite all photographers members and non members here is a chance for you to show us your photography skills.
See any images not properly attributed or misidentified please get in touch with us.
Send your images to WebmasterNVBC@Gmail.com in jpeg (.jpg) format 
We note that we may not be able to use all of your submissions and we appreciate your efforts in making them available to us.

Birds of January

Birds of February

Birds of March

Birds of April

Birds of May

Birds of June

Birds of July

Birds of August

Birds of September

Birds of October

Birds of November

Birds of December

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The most recent version of the NVBC Newsletter - "The Siskin" - is available by clicking on the icon below

Notices, Recent Changes and Updates….

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The Current List of Field Trips is now on-line .... Always check the Notices and Alerts Section for cancellations due to bad weather !!! Click Here for more .....
The Club's most recent Newsletter "The Siskin" is available by clicking on the icon above
■ New Images in our image galleries. Check out the new images submitted by Marc Ribaudo, Philip Mitchell, Donald Sweig and Ian Gale Click Here for more......
■ On February 21 Dr. Ashley Peele, the State Atlas Coordinator, will talk about looking into how breeding bird populations have changed over the past several years and share interesting topics on species volunteer highlights and important needs of this project Click Here for more......
■ Subtle Signs of Evolution in Marsh Wrens On February 25, 2018 Dr. Sarah Luttrell will talk about her work on the marsh wren (Cistothorus palustris). Dr. Luttrell’s work aims to better understand how evolution works by studying subspecies of birds. Click Here for more......
■ We welcome feedback !!! Please continue to send us your comments. Your suggestions on how to improve our website are always welcome !!!
Check out the image galleries click here.....
We welcome your recent images that we would like to post to the club's Website
or click on this link to send our Webmaster an email,

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