Barry Tindall sent us this photo and writes that his son David flies for Palm Beach Flight Training, which is located at Palm Beach County Park Airpark in Lantana, Fl, just south of the city of West Palm Beach and probably 5 miles off of I-95. He has often mentioned the population of burrowing owls that occupy the sandy soils off the taxi ways and runways–here’s a recent picture of a single owl–there were originally four, but three went below. It might be possible to visit the airport at some point, perhaps through a local club or directly. Probably best contact is the airport-561/656-9815. The place gets pretty much shut down when Trump is at Mar-A-Largo.  David is senior pilot for Palm Beach Flight Training, an FAA approved flight school. We often talk birds, but mostly larger species like turkey and black vultures and wood storks that are common in the area and could, in a collision, could do serious damage to smaller aircraft and its crew.

David lives in near by Lake Worth. During their last visit they saw a Swallow-tailed kite and a pair of loggerhead shrike at a small lake near his home.