Current List of NVBC Field Trips (February 2020-May 2020)

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Please Note:

1. All Field Trips are Free and Open to all
2. There is no need to register for local trips

3. Participants on weekend or out of town trips may need prior registration
4. If in doubt about a trip because of weather, call or email the field trip leader.
5. Click on this link www.NVABC.Org for updates and recent information about trips: Breaking News, Updates, Changes, Corrections and more….
6. When reservations are required, please call one of the trip leaders. Phone numbers are on page 6 the current Siskin.
7. To receive email notices, join the NVBC eMail Exchange. For sign-up directions see last page of The Siskin
8. Beginning birders are welcome on all trips.


Wed Feb 5, 2020
8:30am Long Branch (Dixie Sommers)

Sat Feb 8, 2020
8am Riverbend – Visitor Center (Tom Nardone, Elton Morel)

Wed Feb 12, 2020
8:30am Burke Lake (Tom Nardone)

Sat Feb 15, 2020
8am Aquia Landing Beach Park (Elton Morel, David Ledwith)

Wed Feb 19, 2020
8:30am Dyke Marsh (Tom Nardone)

Sat Feb 22, 2020
8:30am Mason Neck SP (Larry Cartwright, Phil Silas)

Wed Feb 26, 2020
8:30am Huntley Meadows (Dixie Sommers)

Sat Feb 29, 2020
8:30am Blandy Farm (Elton Morel, Dave Boltz)


Sun Mar 1, 2020
5:00pm Woodcock Display at Dusk – Huntley Meadows Hike/Bike Trail
(Larry Cartwright, Phil Silas)

Wed Mar 4, 2020
8:30am Long Branch (Tom Nardone)

Sat Mar 7, 2020
8am Occoquan Bay NWR (Phil Silas, Toby Hardwick)

Wed Mar 11, 2020
8:30am Dyke Marsh (Tom Nardone)

Sat Mar 14, 2020
8am Widewater State Park (Elton Morel, David Ledwith)

Tues Mar 17, 2020
8:30am Neabsco Regional Park – Boardwalk (Phil Silas)

Sat Mar 21, 2020
8am Huntley Meadows (Larry Meade)

Wed Mar 25, 2020 (CANCELLED)
8:30am Eakin Community Park (Jean Tatalias)

Sat Mar 28, 2020 (CANCELLED)
8:00am Clifton Institute (Bert Harris, Elton Morel)


Wed Apr 1, 2020 (CANCELLED)
8:30am Long Branch (Elton Morel)

Sat Apr 4, 2020 (CANCELLED)
8am Aquia Landing Beach Park (Elton Morel, David Ledwith)

Wed Apr 8, 2020 (CANCELLED)
8:30am Bles Park (Jean Tatalias, Larry Meade)

Sat Apr 11, 2020 (CANCELLED)
7:30am Leopold’s Preserve (Elton Morel, Toby Hardwick)

Wed Apr 15, 2020 (CANCELLED)
8:30am Laurel Hill Equestrian Center (Dixie Sommers)

Sat Apr 18, 2020 (CANCELLED)
7:30am Silver Lake RP (Toby Hardwick, Larry Meade)

Wed Apr 22, 2020 (CANCELLED)
8:30am Meadowood Recreation Area (Larry Cartwright, Phil Silas)

Sat April 25, 2020 (CANCELLED)
7:30am Huntley Meadows Hike/Bike Trail (Ken Hunt, Larry Meade)

Wed April 29, 2020 (CANCELLED)
8:30am Fort CF Smith (Jeremy Beck)


Sat May 2, 2020 (CANCELLED)
7:30am Leesylvania SP (Ken Hunt, Elton Morel)

Wed May 6, 2020 (CANCELLED)
8:30am Long Branch (Elton Morel)