The Northern Virginia Bird Club (NVBC) totals nearly 600 members. We look forward to seeing you on our field trips and at our evening meetings. Beginning birders are welcome on all field trips. Birding is a great all-season hobby.

JOIN OR RENEW: NVBC dues are $10 for Individual and $15 for Family Membership, on a calendar year basis. Members receive The Siskin, the newsletter of the club, issued in February, April, August, and November. It includes field trip information, interesting articles and other birding news. Click here for a printable version of the membership form in PDF format. The form including a check for dues can be mailed to: Northern Virginia Bird Club, Attn: Membership, P.O. Box 5812, Arlington, VA 22205-0812.




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MAKE A DONATION: The NVBC is a 501(c)3 organization to which donations are tax deductible.  We welcome donations in order to continue our education efforts and to support the publication and access to the information from the Second Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas by a note on your check or an “instruction” in PayPal .

Donations for the Val Kitchens Memorial Educational Grant Program

In the last several years, we have used Val Kitchens Memorial Education Grant Fund to award $500 to the Community Cloud Forest Conservation in Guatemala to support their “Kids and Birds” program. This program focuses on schools within two Important Bird Areas in the cloud forest region of the Guatemalan central highlands. Kids and Birds uses Cornell’s BirdSleuth curriculum to introduce kids to conservation biology, citizen science and ecology through birds. Our grant of $500 funds the costs for a class of sixth graders to participate in the program. We hope to be able to continue such grants in the future to encourage the preservation or restoration of habitat and the education of young people about birds and their ecology.

Donations for the Second Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas

From 2016 to 2020, the Second Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas was a statewide effort to document information about Virginia’s breeding birds. Many of our club members were among over 1400 volunteers who collected data focused on geographic distribution of species, population densities, and types of breeding behavior observedThis is the largest citizen science project in the state’s history, gathering 5.5 million field observations.

A key sponsor of the Atlas is the Virginia Society of Ornithology, which has partnered with the Va Dept. of Wildlife Resources and Virginia Tech to analyze the data and to present the results in a free, accessible, and understandable form to conservation groups, policy makers and the general public. The estimated cost for this project is $274,000 over the next 4 to 5 years. The VSO has already provided over $89000 to Atlas activities.


VSO has asked for donations from bird clubs and Audubon chapters across Virginia in an effort to reach the publication goals. Our Club Board has voted to support this effort at the requested pledge of $500 a year for four years. At this donation level, our club will be sponsoring the entry for the beautiful Hooded Merganser which is often found in our area.  In pledging this support we are contributing to the creation of descriptions, illustrations and an attractive website for Virginia’s birds.